Arizona | Crown King

Monthly climbing area averages are for the weather station CROWN KING, which is 1 mile away and 140 feet above the location used for the Crown King climbing area forecasts.

Average Temperatures


Average Precipitation (inches)

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Sunrise/SunsetSunrise / Sunset: 5:40 AM / 7:30 PM
ElevationElevation: 5,780 feet
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Climbing Area Description
The Crown King Area encompasses several separate rock outcroppings. The largest, and perhaps most widely known and popular, is King Dome. Others include the Fool's Gold Wall, Mile 26, and Roadside Wall.

These can all be considered remote climbing areas. Rock quality is typically good to excellent granite.

Most, but not all, of the routes are south (or south-east) facing.

The climbing season is generally late fall to early spring.